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Daily pedigree charts – Giovanni Pietrangeli (b. 1900)

This one doesn’t have particularly close ties to the main Nocciano families, but Giovanni’s mother is a Speziale, just like mine! Giovanni’s great-grandparents Gennaro Speziale and Maria Donata Notarpasquale, originally from Pianella, are my 3rd-great grandparents. There’s also the d’Amato connection – the parents of Carmine d’Amato here are Rocco d’Amato and Michelina della Rosa, whose mother is a Valente, another line in my tree.

– Anthony

Daily pedigree charts – Francesca di Meco (b. 1900)

I’ve got plenty of connections to Francesca here: Tortora, di Meco, Cerasa, and Buccella (not totally sure how the Buccella’s in Loreto connect to Nicola Buccella, who originally was from Loreto, but I will find it!).

Also, Mariano Cerasa’s parents are Pasquale Cerasa and Donata Matarazzo. Donata’s father is Giovanni Matarazzo – I’m pretty sure that he is one of the Matarazzo children (born around 1730/1740) of Gennaro Matarazzo and came from Collecorvino to Nocciano in the late 1700s.

– Anthony