Daily pedigree charts – Virginia Valente (b.1896)

Apologies for not sticking with the “daily” charts – I just recently moved to Philadelphia to begin law school so the last month has been crazy! After spending 5 years in the Massachusetts State House, I’m starting a whole new adventure in a new city and am a crazy mix of emotions leaving behind so many close friends and family. But I’m also super excited what lies ahead. I’m beginning a dual law/master of public policy program (JD/MPP), so I’ll be at University of Pennsylvania Law School for 2 years, back up to Cambridge, MA, for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for 1.5 years, and back to Penn for a final semester of law school. So at 27 years old, I’m now going back to school for 4 years before hopefully returning to government permanently after that. Anyway, I’ll try to get back on track posting regularly, and still plan on keeping up with transcribing and posting records, though probably not as quickly. God knows I’ll need to keep with my hobbies to stay sane and unwind.

With that, here’s today’s chart!