Surnames of Pescara

Every so often I plan on posting about a specific family, usually in Nocciano or Civitaquana, that I’ve done extensive work on. If I’ve found out something really cool as I’ve traced them further back, like being able to pinpoint the person that brought that surname to the town, or made some exciting connections, I’ll show some of the original images of the records that led me there and connect the dots for you! Usually, it’s a family that I’ve got a direct relation to, but in these small towns, I’m probably related to all of them. Here are some that I’ve done so far:

BRANDOLINI in Civitaquana
CETRANO in Nocciano
DI BERTO in Civitaquana
DI MECO in Nocciano
DI RUPO in Nocciano
NAPOLEONE in Civitaquana
RANIERI in Civitaquana
SAVINI in Nocciano
VALENTE in Nocciano

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