Daily pedigree charts – Linda Giuseppina Maria Pietrangeli (b. 1902)

Linda’s ancestry isn’t rooted in Nocciano, but I am particularly interested in the Speziale family. Raffaele and Pasquale Speziale. two brothers, were born in Pianella and came to Nocciano around 1870. Pasquale is my g-g-grandfather. Raffaele here is the grandfather of Linda Pietrangeli. A much bigger Speziale clan existed in Pianella, but I have traced all the Speziale’s in Pianella/Nocciano back to Sabatino Speziale, born about 1746 in Cipresso (a frazione of Citta Sant’Angelo) and died in 1817 in Pianella.

As far as I know, Sabatino (son of Carmine Speziale) came to Pianella in the late 1700s, married Angela Teresa Finocchio and had 2 sons – Carmine Speziale (b. about 1782) and Michele Donato Speziale (b. 1787). Carmine is the father of Gennaro Speziale on this chart (and at least 11 other children).