Recently, all the civil records for Catignano (and nearly all the other towns of Pescara) from 1809-1910 were published on the website of the State of Pescara, so there is now a wealth of records to sift through. To make it easier to search through the record images available on the website, I’ve begun indexing records for Catignano and Pianella, in addition to the fully transcribed records of Nocciano and Civitaquana. Eventually I’ll be posting selected record transcriptions for individuals that have Nocciano and Civitaquana ancestry. If you would like help with any research on Catignano, feel free to email me at

Download the Excel spreadsheet for Catignano births, marriages and deaths – 1840-1870

Selected Records (full transcriptions):

The comune of Catignano is located in Pescara and has a population today of about 1,500 people. It shares a long border with Nocciano to the east and Civitaquana to the west, as well as Loreto Aprutino, Cugnoli, and Pianella.

Catignano map

Based on birth records from the years 1840-1870, the most common surnames in Catignano are:

1. di Giovanni (122 births)
2. Paolini (117 births)
3. Mucci (115 births)
4. Recchia (102 births)
5. di Lorenzo (100 births)
6. di Silvio (66 births)

Other common names are Cieri, di Meo, di Benedetto, d’Ettorre, Caroso, Colaiocco, Colabufolo, and Sablone. You will also find many surnames originally from the towns closest to Catignano such as Ranalli, Trabucco, and di Profio from Civitaquana, and d’Amico from Loreto Aprutino.

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