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Daily pedigree charts – Teresa Malvina Rasetta (b. 1902)

Daily pedigree charts – Pietro di Meco (b. 1902)

Pietro’s marriage is from the notation on on his birth record, which reads “Calandra Carmelo.” I don’t have the actual marriage record. Often people’s names are written Last name, First name, and while it is possible that Calandra is the first name, I have seen the last name Calandra far more than I have seen the last name Carmelo. In my database, I chose to enter the name as “Carmela Calandra”, but obviously if any other record suggests otherwise, I will make a correction. I source all my information in my database, and have a note for each piece of information that is published in any of these pedigree charts, and make changes accordingly as new records are transcribed or added.

On a separate note, I don’t believe the di Virgilio family that came from Alanno has any immediate relation to the many di Virgilio’s of Nocciano. I think all the Alanno di Virgilio’s go back to an individual from the 1700s who was not from Alanno or Nocciano. At some point, I will piece together the Alanno family and look at it more closely, but at the moment I’m not sure they’re connected at all.