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Daily pedigree charts – Giulia Savini (b. 1900)

Today’s chart is for Giulia Savini, born 29 Jan 1900 in Nocciano to Giovanni Savini and Domenica d’Antico.


I don’t have much on the Rosciano roots, d’Antico and d’Astolfo/d’Astolto, but Giustino Savini is of the Savini family from Vicoli. I have the church records for Giustino’s baptism and other related info, but I’m still transcribing the civil records, haven’t yet made my way to the church records I acquired in 2015!

– Anthony

Daily pedigree charts – Gelsomina d’Amico (1900)

Don’t normally post on the weekends but it’s snowy out and these posts are nice and easy – so today’s post is Gelsomina d’Amico, born 1 Apr 1900 in Nocciano to Pasquale d’Amico and Carmela di Profio.


The d’Amico line goes back to Carmine d’Amico and Caterina di Federico from Loreto Aprutino. I haven’t connected them to the other d’Amico families from Loreto but I’m sure they’re related.

The di Profio line goes back to Domenico di Profio and Maria Falasca (?) in Nocciano. Domenico or a close ancestor must have come from Civitaquana, where all the di Profio’s are found.

My connection here is through the Razzani family. Anna Antonia Razzani’s parents were Giorgio Razzani and Angela Rosa Marcucci – we share Marcucci ancestors.

But you an see Gelsomina has roots in Nocciano, Civitaquana, Rosciano, Vicoli, Alanno, and Loreto Aprutino. Quite the ancestry!

– Anthony

Index to Alanno records – 1840-1860

Searching for relatives in Alanno? I’ve indexed another 10 years of records for Alanno, so that all birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1840-1860 can be found at the link below. It is an Excel spreadsheet organized chronologically. Just hit Ctrl+F to search for a name, or sort the columns alphabetically or by mother’s name to find a particular family.

Download the index to Alanno births, marriage, and deaths 1840-1860 here.

I also tallied up the top last names (or “cognomi”) for birth records in the years 1840-1860 which were:
1. Odoardi (74 births)
2. Assetta (71 births)
3. di Michele (63 births)
4. d’Orazio (61 births)
5. Papile (52 births)
6. Canale (44 births)

– Anthony

Daily pedigree charts – Giuseppina Ronci (b. 1900)

Today’s chart – Giuseppina Ronci, born 18 Jan 1900 in Nocciano.


Giuseppina comes from the Domenicantonio Ronci-Maria Giuseppa di Virgilio line (her paternal great-grandparents – top right of the chart), except a few of their children were born before they got married, and many of the descendants of those “figli naturali” have the name “Ronci”, “di Virgilio”, or “di Virgilio Ronci”. The last names vary from record to record. Meanwhile, since they got married before 1809, and Maria Giuseppa di Virgilio’s death record contains no parental information, it’s been a bit of a puzzle to try and figure out exactly who her parents were. The only helpful resource I have are the baptismal records that I got on my trip to Italy, in which I have found only one record that matches up well – born 08 Feb 1780 in Nocciano, to Marco di Virgilio and Lucia Marcucci (my direct ancestors – not a common couple in the Nocciano records because they only had one other surviving child, Gemma di Virgilio, wife of Nicola di Meco and mother of Anna Concezia Angela di Meco on this tree). So Marco di Virgilio and Lucia Marcucci are actually ancestors of Giuseppina Ronci (the topic of this post) in two ways.

I’m hoping to post a new index of Alanno records in the next few days so stay tuned!

– Anthony