Daily pedigree charts – Domenicangela Casucci (b.1901)

I love these types of posts because every time I look to see if I have any connections with the person. Here I have a connection with 5/8 ancestors on the right:

  1. Anna Gaetana Finocchio – my few ancestors from Pianella have Finocchio lines.
  2. Egidio Pagliariccia, though from Pianella, is the son of Domenicangela Matarazzo, part of my Matarazzo lines
  3. Maria Vincenza Bucci, daughter of Antonio Bucci and Anna di Rupo, part of my di Rupo lines
  4. Pasquale Cuzzi, son of Giovanni Cuzzi and Antonia di Virgilio, part of my di Virgilio lines.
  5. Anna Lucia d’Orazio, daughter of Pasquale d’Orazio and Domenica di Rupo, part of my di Rupo lines.

Not Vincenzo Casucci, who is from Pianella. Also not connected with Nicola Rasetta, who does go back a few generations in Nocciano, and Maria Antonia Riccitelli, from Catignano (although maybe if I go far back enough, since I do have many connections with Catignano).

– Anthony

Daily pedigree charts – Elena Savini (b.1901)

A little bit of info on Elena here – she is the first child of Maria Casucci with her first husband Franco Savini. Franco died in Nocciano in 1907 and Maria then traveled to Boston, MA with her three children, Elena, Antonio, and Franco. She re-married Carmine Cuzzi (also of Nocciano), and they had 5 children of their own: Vito/Guido, Joseph, Luigi, Giulio, and Donato Cuzzi. I spent a few months earlier this year researching their families in Massachusetts (you can imagine how big these families are just seeing that Maria had 8 kids!) and had some pretty interesting finds.

– Anthony