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Daily pedigree charts – Nunzio Diamante (b. 1853)

Daily pedigree charts – Santa di Gregorio (b. 1853)

In my records I have a couple Teodoro di Gregorio (abt. 1701-17 Jul 1776) and Antonia Palumbo (abt. 1709-22 Jan 1777), married 09 Nov 1726 in Civitaquana. I also have several children who are listed as being the child of a Teodoro di Gregorio:
– Domenica di Gregorio b: abt. 03 Feb 1732, d: 15 Feb 1732
– Emidio di Gregorio b: 30 Jun 1737, d: 25 Sep 1796
– Petronilla di Gregorio b: 11 Feb 1740, d: 30 Jan 1809
– Preziosa di Gregorio b: 10 May 1742, d: 15 Jan 1807
– Santa di Gregorio b: 31 Jan 1745, d: 02 Dec 1787
– Giuseppe di Gregorio b: 17 Dec 1749, d: 30 Mar 1797
– Domenica di Gregorio b: 25 Nov 1753, d: 18 Mar 1812 (death record says Teodoro and Antonia Palumbo)

Normally for these older couples where we don’t have death records for all the children that list both parents, I look to see if there is any death record listing two parents (and we have Domenica’s death record which lists both), then I look for a marriage record (and we have Teodoro and Antonia married in 1726). So if there is only one Teodoro, all children born between 1726 and 1753 (when Domenica was born) should be the children of Teodoro and Antonia. The marriage record also tells us that Teodoro’s father is Antonio di Gregorio, probably born around 1670.

Daily pedigree charts – Giacinta di Sante di Cola (b. 1853)

I hope to do a post on the DI SANTE DI COLA family soon, but my theory from the records I have available is that the oldest ancestor shown here, Domenico di Sante di Cola, is the son of “Sante di Cola”, where the last name originated. I’ve been trying to piece together all the DI SANTE DI COLA’s, who are also linked to the FAGNANO’s. Stay tuned if this is a family you’re following.