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Catasto Onciario (1752 Census) for Vicoli

Today I stumbled across a great find for anybody researching their roots in the town of Vicoli. The comune has published the Catasto Onciario from 1752 which basically serves as a census – a record of all families living in Vicoli at time with names, ages, and relation to head of household for each resident.

This is a wonderful find because the civil records only take us back to the mid to late 1700s for the most part, and these records help us piece a few more of those branches together.

While I personally don’t have any roots in Vicoli that I know of, many of you researching Nocciano and Civitaquana do. The two biggest connections is the SAVINI family (both Nocciano and Civitaquana) and the FLORIO family.

As I showed in a post from a while ago, most of the SAVINIs in Nocciano trace back to the couple Michele Savini and his wife Rosalia. I found what must be Michele and Rosalia in Vicoli in 1752, since they hadn’t moved to Nocciano until around 1761.

The head of household is Onofrio Savini (b.~1713). Living in the household is his brother Michele Savini (b.~1714), Michele’s wife Rosalia di Giovan Felice (=Gianfelice) (b.~1717), and their children Nicola (b.~1738), Giuseppe (b.~1742), Valerio (b.~1743), and Berardina (b.~1745).

Michele and Rosalia had several more children, and then came to Nocciano around 1761 with the children. I’m not sure about their children Nicola and Giuseppe, but I definitely recognize Berardina, who is likely the same Berardina Savini who marries Liborio Marchionne of Nocciano. Valerio may also be Valeriano Savini of Nocciano, perhaps there are two Valeriano’s, as I’ve been told that one in Nocciano is not the son of Michele and Rosalia.

There’s also the Taddeo SAVINI family in Civitaquana, he’s born around 1724 and I know the family comes from Vicoli at some point, but he’s not present in the Catasto here so it doesn’t help us.

As for the FLORIO family,  there is Torodea FLORIO, married to Patrizio di Profio of Civitaquana. She’s not a part of any of the FLORIOs in Civitaquana, but does connect into a major DI PROFIO family, and here is Torodea in the Catasto records of Vicoli:

The head of household is Sabbatino Florio (b.~1711). Living in the household is his brother Berardino Florio (b.~1731), Berardino’s wife Domenica Giuliani (b.~1720), and their children Santa (b.~1742), Torodea (b.~1744), and Massima (b.~1750). Torodea is a pretty uncommon name, and the date here matches closely with the estimated birth date of 1739 from her death record (06 Aug 1803) in Civitaquana. Plus, a church census record from Civitaquana confirms her father is Berardino Florio, so it’s definitely her!

I’ll impatiently await the day when FamilySearch publishes the Catasti for Nocciano, Civitaquana, and all the other towns of Pescara!

– Anthony