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Una viaggia in Italia …

I hope all of you have been finding this site helpful!

It’s been almost two years since I began transcribing and posting the plethora of Italian records available out there. I started this project around the same time I started my first real job and moved into an apartment with people I barely knew. I tend to get ramped up about a new endeavor and trail off fairly shortly thereafter, but genealogy has been one of the hobbies that I’ve been pretty consistently engaged in. My grandparents got me started on it, and for 10 or so years I did what I could to research the family in the US, with little hope of ever finding about the Italian ancestors. Since my introduction to the resources provided by the LDS Church, and most recently, the free online records published by the Italian Archives, a whole new realm of unexplored territory appeared. Nearly two years and a database of about 14,000 individuals later, here’s what I’ve done with the towns in Pescara:

Nocciano: full transcriptions of years 1835-1893
Civitaquana: full transcriptions of years 1822-1844
Catignano: indexed records of years 1850-1860
Pianella: indexed records of years 1854-1865
Cugnoli: indexed records of years 1856-1860

Having done all I can to piece together my own family in Nocciano and Civitaquana given the civil records available, I will be visiting Pescara for two weeks this November – my first trip outside of the Americas, never mind to Italy! I imagine it will be filled with tons of great food, drinks, sights, and experiences, along with the opportunities it presents for my research. I plan on spending some time at the parishes in Nocciano (S. Lorenzo Diacono e Martire) and Civitaquana (B.V. Maria delle Grazie) to access as many of the records they have available as possible. Seeing all the families with the same cognomi in a town inspires me to try and figure out how they are all connected. I may also venture to some other nearby towns, time permitting, including, Catignano, Pianella, Collecorvino, Loreto Aprutino, Città Sant’Angelo, Carpineto della Nora, and Montebello di Bertona.

A few more record posts are on the way – and be on the lookout for some findings on my trip!

– Anthony