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Consider this a “Pescara Genealogy” blog, not just Nocciano

Pianella Indices 1862-1865

Though this site is called “Nocciano Genealogy”, as you may have noticed, I have begun to post records for other towns. I’ve posted full transcriptions for several years in the town of Civitaquana, and I’ve started posting pdfs of indices for records in the much larger town of Pianella, all of which my ancestors were from. To put these three towns into geographic perspective, check out the map below.

Pescara map

From Nocciano records, you can see that there are many families who married a Noccianese during the 1800s from Pianella, Civitaquana, and other nearby towns like Catignano, Rosciano, Alanno, etc. Typically, the closer a town is to Nocciano, the greater the overlap.  My Speziale ancestors lived in Pianella for about 100 years before moving to Nocciano, and then eventually to Catignano before they immigrated to the US.

For those of you who check this site regularly, my long-term plan is to post full records for Nocciano and Civitaquana, and indices for a number of the surrounding towns (I’ve definitely settled on Pianella, Alanno, Rosciano, Cugnoli, Catignano, Elice because of their relevance to Nocciano families and my own tree). The indices take far less time but are also less detailed. Though ages, locations, declarants, etc. are not included in the indices, it does have the necessary information to piece together a tree. For every index entry, I have a corresponding photo of the document, so feel free to email me at anthony.sacco13@gmail.com for a copy of any documents that you’re looking for. For death records, seeing the entire document will be particularly helpful.

Here are the Pianella indices I’ve published so far. You’ll find them on the “Atti di Stato Civile” tab under Pianella.

1862:      Nati      Matrimonii      Morti
1863:      Nati      Matrimonii      Morti
1864:      Nati      Matrimonii      Morti
1865:      Nati      Matrimonii      Morti