Daily pedigree charts – Carmela di Meco (b. 1900)

Here’s one from 1900 that I skipped over:

I’ve been searching for a while to figure out how Orazio Antonio di Meco and Cirilla Mattiucci fit into the Nocciano families. Typically, when a couple got married outside of the town, there was a “pubblicazione” or wedding bann posted in Nocciano, so I’m usually still able to track down these couples with “outside marriages” by following the info in the bann. But there was no bann for this couple anywhere in the Nocciano records. I finally was able to track down exactly where they got married, the town in which the bride (Cirilla) was born, Civitella Casanova. I also found that they had one son Panfilo born in Catignano in 1887 and a daughter Adele born in Loreto Aprutino in 1892. Then they came to Nocciano and had several more children, one of whom is above, Carmela di Meco.

As far as I know, two of their children came to the US – Adele (Adelina di Meco), who married Cesare Marcucci in Boston, MA, also of Nocciano; and Zopito di Meco.

Glad I finally solved this mystery!