Daily pedigree charts – Emidio Faricelli (b. 1853)

2 thoughts on “Daily pedigree charts – Emidio Faricelli (b. 1853)”

  1. I’m terribly confused. The pedigree chart shows Maria Concezia de Amicis (28 Feb 1822, Vicoli) married to Antonio Faricelli (23 Feb 1816, Civitaquana), son of Domenicantonio and Elisabetta di Gregorio. Her parents are shown on the pedigree chart as Giustino de Amicis and Beatrice Savini. However, when I found a death record for Maria, it shows her as Maria Concetta de Amicis, born in Vicoli, died 24 April 1886 in Civitaquana at the age of 64 (making her birth year 1822), wife of Antonio Faricelli, and daughter of Egidio de Amicis and Apollonia di Francesco.
    Are Maria Concezia and Maria Concetta two different people, married to two different Antonio Faricelli’s? Are they twins? Which set of parents is absolutely correct for this couple, whose son was Emidio Faricelli, born in 1853?

    1. Antonio and Maria Concezia got married in Vicoli in 1849, so I transcribed the documents in their processetti, which included her birth record. Both the marriage record and birth record list Giustino de Amicis and Beatrice Savini as the parents, and since these are from Vicoli, I’m inclined to believe they are correct. I have no other Maria Concezia’s in my database (only Concezia and Concetta, both of whom are born around 1750, so they aren’t the same as this one). I believe there is just one couple Antonio Faricelli and Maria Concezia de Amicis (daughter of Giustino and Beatrice Savini).

      It’s not uncommon to see a town screw up the parents on a death record when that person was born in a different town. It’s possible they were confused, since there was also Francesca Anna de Amicis (wife of Zopito Faricelli) (b: 1817 in Vicoli), whose parents were Egidio de Amicis and Apollonia di Francesco. Perhaps people in the town thought that Francesca Anna and Maria Concezia were sisters. In general, though, I trust the names on a marriage record more than a death record, because the parents were often long dead when the death record is recorded.

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