Daily pedigree charts – Giovina Maria Giovanna d’Amico (b.1897)


Daily pedigree charts – Giselda di Profio (b.1897)

Clearly, the pedigree charts I’ve been posting are not complete – especially the further back generations where I have estimated dates of birth. This is only because I haven’t gotten around to transcribing the church records (as well as civil records from 1809-1826) containing these baptisms and marriages.

Last week I finally began the baptisms (skipping over those civil years) because I’ve found myself constantly going back through them to piece together individual families, and I figured it just made more sense to do them all now. The baptisms I have begin in 1748 (just before the Catasto Onciario in 1752, which we’re still waiting for from FamilySearch!). I’ve made it to about 1776 and transcribed about 450 baptisms so far. Will post when it is all complete and checked!