Daily pedigree charts – Domenico Palumbo (b. 1898) FIXED

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded a revised chart since I had the wrong info about Vincenzo Palumbo + Carolina Marchionne. I finally sorted out a mistake in my database since Clemente Palumbo + Maria Savini had two sons Vincenzo and Vincenzo Antonio (you can imagine that caused some confusion).

The first son Vincenzo Antonio (1827-1883) married Domenica di Profio. The other son Vincenzo (1835-) married Carolina Marchionne and had 10 children, one of whom is Angela Nicola Palumbo on the chart here.

Apologies for the mistake!


One thought on “Daily pedigree charts – Domenico Palumbo (b. 1898) FIXED”

  1. Oh, Anthony, I’m so confused. Vincenzo Palumbo (1835-1917) is married to Carolina Marchionne – according to the Pescara Archivio di Stato 1809-1929. However the Pedigree chart shows Carolina married to (presumably) Vincenzo’s brother, Vincenzo Antonio (1827-1883). Both sources show the wedding date as 22 October 1864.

    Was she married to both? Are the two men brothers? What am I missing here?  from Patricia Della-Piana, Poet and Author Books available at http://lulu.com/spotlight/deliathecrone Please visit my blog at patriciadellapiana.wordpress.com

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