Daily pedigree charts – Ida di Blasio (b. 1898)


2 thoughts on “Daily pedigree charts – Ida di Blasio (b. 1898)”

  1. Anthony, I’m very confused about the di Blasio surname. It seems that every family member I look up is also (or only) listed as di Biasi. So, what is the family’s true last name? Or are there two families here being thrown together ‘accidentally’? Thanks if you can clear it up, and thanks for hearing my angst.

    1. This is one of those names that began in its Latin form (de Blasiis) but eventually evolved into the Italian one (di Blasio). I consider both to be correct or true. I observe the trends in the names over time within the families and tend to defer to the birth record of a child and his/her siblings when deciding which name to put them as. In some cases, then, I have a different name for parent and child. Here, Franco was born Franco de Blasiis, but ALL of his children were born di Blasio, so in my program I have his children as di Blasio.

      There are some people from nearby towns with variations of the name, de Blasii, di Biase, de Blasi, etc. and as far as I know they are distinct families, so I consider them distinct names. The only two acceptable names for this particular line are de Blasiis/di Blasio.

      Another example is d’Amico. The Latin form is de Amicis, except families with the name de Amicis (at least in the 19th century) were distinct families from different towns, separate from the d’Amico’s in Nocciano, originally from Loreto.

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