Daily pedigree charts – Donato Casucci (b. 1899)

Just a general, unrelated note:  A few of you have asked for pedigree charts of people from Cugnoli. I don’t readily have those available unfortunately. I have only put together an Index of births, marriages, and deaths for people in Cugnoli from 1840-1860. I haven’t put any of these into my program so I don’t have pedigrees easily made for them, and I haven’t even touched Cugnoli records after 1860. But all these records are available for free HERE. And if you think my research might be helpful, the index of Cugnoli records I’ve transcribed is available on my website here. (I’m just realizing the 1840-1850 years haven’t been posted so I will do that very soon!). I haven’t visited Cugnoli and have only passed through it when I visited Italy, since I don’t have any direct ancestors from there, so it’s not a huge focus of my research. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help in that town!


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