Daily pedigree charts – Arturo di Gregorio (b.1900)

You can see Arturo has roots mostly in Nocciano, but the actual di Gregorio line comes from Civitaquana. His grandmother Annantonia d’Ostilio comes from Pietranico – not a town I come across frequently but it’s not too far from Nocciano. I actually visited Pietranico and Corvara on my trip to Italy. There’s a reason it’s called Pietranico: the Italian word for “rock” is pietra, there’s a giant rock in the town center – almost a small mountain. Wikipedia says:

“The town of Pietranico takes its title from a notable rock around which the castle, known as Pietraniqua, was built. Later on, the castle is referred to as Petrainiqua or Petram Iniquam. Apart from the ancient castle, most of the town was built from the 15th century onwards.”



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