Daily pedigree charts – Ercole di Profio (b. 1900)



2 thoughts on “Daily pedigree charts – Ercole di Profio (b. 1900)”

  1. Anthony, at least half the records I’ve seen for Camilla Buccetti list her cognome as Buccelli. I’ve listed her with the “elli” ending, and use the other as an alternative surname, just because I’m not sure yet which is the correct name. Have you seen this other spelling as well?

    1. Yeah, the family goes back to Nicola Buccella (abt. 1765-1836), originally from Loreto, married Angela Maria Matarazzo in Nocciano in 1795. The Nocciano church records use the name “Buccelli” starting with their marriage record, and then in the early 1800s the civil records started using “Buccetti” and that’s the one that stuck. But if you look at the rest of the family in Loreto, all of them are “Buccella”. It’s tough when you see names evolve over time, which ones to *officially* use in your tree….For this family I use “Buccella” for Nicola, and “Buccetti” for all of his descendants.

      – Anthony

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