Daily pedigree charts – Giulia Savini (b. 1900)

Today’s chart is for Giulia Savini, born 29 Jan 1900 in Nocciano to Giovanni Savini and Domenica d’Antico.


I don’t have much on the Rosciano roots, d’Antico and d’Astolfo/d’Astolto, but Giustino Savini is of the Savini family from Vicoli. I have the church records for Giustino’s baptism and other related info, but I’m still transcribing the civil records, haven’t yet made my way to the church records I acquired in 2015!

– Anthony


One thought on “Daily pedigree charts – Giulia Savini (b. 1900)”

  1. Unfortunately, although I have my grandmother, Elisa Savini’s records back into the 1500s, I’m dirt-poor on the more recent members, especially since her family split when they came here. Some, like my grandmother, came and stayed in the Boston area, while others settled in Pittsburgh, maybe Philadelphia, and other points further out. I never knew any of those who didn’t stay in my area. And the only Sebastiani I knew was Caterina (Kitty) Ciarfella, who married Davide Sebastiani, and she lived to be 105 years old! She was a fabulous woman!!

    Giulia and her predecessors are new to me, and I’m not sure yet where she connects to me.

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