Daily pedigree charts – Pasquale di Rupo (b. 1900)

Our ancestry chart for the day – Pasquale di Rupo, b. 2 Jan 1900 in Nocciano. He has Nocciano roots in the di Rupo and Cerasa families. You can see he’s also got connections to the nearby towns of Civitella Casanova, Loreto Aprutino, and Pianella, though his great-grandparents from those towns all died in Nocciano.

Keep in mind, though I have empty spots for many birthdates, deathdates, or just generally no information (like Angelantonio Cerasa), it doesn’t mean that info isn’t available. It just means I haven’t transcribed those records yet and input them into my database. Also, this is not necessarily as far back as I have traced his ancestry, I’m just only showing 4 generations back on these daily charts.

Also, he’s definitely my cousin! I’ve got di Rupo ancestors, and some di Profio ancestors as well, but that’s a much bigger family so I’m not sure if the connection is there.



– Anthony


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