Tracing the American families – POLSONETTI

On the Nocciano side, we’ve got the POLSONETTI family with several children that came to Boston. There’s only one Polsonetti family in Nocciano – the father, Giustino Polsonetti, was born in Manoppello (another town in Pescara) in 1858, and married Teodora Cuzzi on 08 Mar 1883 in Nocciano. Teodora Cuzzi is in my tree, with Cuzzi, di Rupo, d’Orazio, Napoleone, di Virgilio ancestors (the main connection is Domenica di Rupo, wife of Pasquale d’Orazio, who I’m pretty sure her grandparents are Giuseppe di Rupo and Fiorenza/Laurenzia Marchionne).

Teodora Cuzzi tree

I haven’t yet done all the birth records for Nocciano, but here’s what I have so far for their children who lived past infancy.

  • Luigi Polsonetti (1885-1951) , married Pasquarosa Maria Maddalena Olimpia della Piana (1884-1963), and had 3 children Mary, Agostino, and Fred
  • Giuseppe Polsonetti (1887-1957), married Michelina Giardino (1903-1959), and had 9 children
  • Franco Polsonetti (1889-1941), married Filomena della Piana (1892-1949), and had one daughter Louise
  • Elettra Maria Elvira Polsonetti (1891-1919) – she died in Boston
  • Camilla Polsonetti (1893-1917) – she died in boston
  • Antonio Polsonetti (1896-), married Palmina/Pauline, and had one son Agostino
  • Innocenzo “Charles” Polsonetti (1898-1975), married Crocefissa “Fannie” Rizzo (1906-1994), and had two children

All of these families were raised in Boston, and all Polsonetti’s in Massachusetts originate from these siblings who came over together.

Here’s a snapshot of the 1930 census with Antonio and Charles’s families, with their mother Teodora (it says “Teonora”). They were living at 1064 Bennington Street in East Boston:

Antonio Polsonetti 1930

We’ve also got the 1930 census for Giuseppe’s family, with 6 of his children, living at 8 Cheever Court in East Boston:

Giuseppe Polsonetti 1930

Ancestry recently released a collection of citizenship records from the 30s and 40s that are super helpful in connecting immigrants to their original towns and birth records, as well as seeing all their children and even the birthdates of the children. Here’s the Petition for Naturalization for Giuseppe. It also tells us he came over to the the port of New York on 10 Oct 1905 on the Prince of Naples.Giuseppe Polsonetti citizenship application

Check back for more postings on our Massachusetts cousins from Nocciano and Civitaquana – I have a ton of families from there!

– Anthony

5 thoughts on “Tracing the American families – POLSONETTI”

  1. Anthony – as always, I love reading about our people. Thanks to you for your continued genealogical work. Patti

  2. Thank you for this I am trying to figure out some heritage. My grandmother is Carmella (Carmillo’s daughter). I would love to link this a little more if possible.

  3. Anthony, are you certain about the date of the marriage of Giustino and Teodora? If they were marrie in 1833, and their first child was born in 1885, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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