1840-1860 Birth, marriage, and death indices – Rosciano

I’ve just done 10 more years of indexing for the civil records of Rosciano. Here are the full indices for the years 1840-1860 that I’ve done up until this point, just click to open up the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet – you can sort by name, year, or filter by last name. To search the spreadsheet, just hit Ctrl+F and type in a name!

Nati, Matrimonii, Morti (1840-1860)

So far I’ve noticed some potential names from Civitaquana and Nocciano:

– Giuseppe Pelusi and Carolina PALUMBO
– Carlo MARCUCCI and Camilla delli Navelli
– Silvestre DI MECO and Monaca di Giovanni (we definitely know Silvestre is a son of Biase di Meco and Venenranda d’Alò, Silvestre’s death record on 27 Marzo 1853 confirms this, so I believe all DI MECO’s in Rosciano come from him)
– an Angela MATARAZZO (d. 25 Marzo 1856)
– Camillo PALUMBO and Custodia Grande
– Filippo DI VIRGILIO and Maria Nicola Mucci
– Francescantonio Mezzanotte and Maria Giuseppa PALUMBO
– Giuseppe Chiulli and Domenica BRANDOLINI
– Stefano Sbraccia and Angela SAVINI
– Luigi Santavenere and Maria Giovanna PALUMBO
– Silvestre D’AMICO and Elisabetta DI VIRGILIO
– Angelantonio di Tommaso and Domenica DI VIRGILIO
– Giuseppe MARCHIONNE and Maria Giuseppe Nardangelo
– Pasquale MARCUCCI (d. 22 Novembre 1848)
– Giovanni Chiulli and Rosaria VALERIO (d. 9 Maggio 1840)
– Giovanni Sbraccia and Donata DI VIRGILIO

… to name a few. Looking forward to making these connections. Some of them are such uncommon names around here (like Di Virgilio and Marcucci) that they HAVE to be from Nocciano. Anything marked with an X is a potential relation to one of my primary towns, or to my tree. There’s also OLIVIERI because the wife of Sabatino Marcucci (b. abt. 1725) was Agnese Olivieri (of Marco Olivieri, from Villa San Giovanni in Rosciano), so pretty much all Olivieri’s in Rosciano are related to the large Marcucci family. Next, Alanno (1840-1850)!

– Anthony

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