Test Drive #2: Database to search all indexed birth records

Hi all –

Take 2. You’ll have to login with the following info:

email: anthony.sacco13@gmail.com
password: database

Click here to search all indexed BIRTHS in Pescara.

Only records for these years are available:
Nocciano births 1833-1896
Civitaquana births 1820-1832, 1845-1846
Rosciano births 1850-1860
Alanno births 1850-1860
Cugnoli births 1840-1860
Pianella births 1854-1865
Catignano births 1840-1860

Let me know what you think!

– Anthony

6 thoughts on “Test Drive #2: Database to search all indexed birth records”

  1. Hi Anthony, I’ve been trying the database, using the advanced search function, but have had no luck. When I’ve typed ‘diMeco’ and ‘Nocciano’ in to the search fields, for the nati index, it comes back ‘no data available’. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Unfortunately if you don’t put a space in the name (“di Meco”) it won’t come up. I have all last names entered in that way: “di Virgilio” “de Blasiis” “della Piana” unless it’s like “d’Amico” and it’s combined.

  2. Usage limit reached. Please contact the owner of this application — This is what I get back when I try to search.

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