Test Drive #1: Database to search all indexed birth records

Hi all –

I’m fooling around with some free online databases to make all the records I’ve been working on easily searchable. Using a free app on Zoho.com, I think I might have found the right one! My goal is allow you to look up the main data pieces on the record (name, parents, date of birth, record number) and then if you wanted to view actual record you’d know exactly where to go on the Italian National Archives or Family Search websites. It’ll also be good if you’re looking to see if any families appear in more than one town. Care to take a stab at the link below to let me know if it works?

Click here to search all indexed BIRTHS in Pescara.

I’m basically trying to find the most user-friendly interface. All the records there are searchable my clicking “Search” and you can just type the name you’re researching under the appropriate field. For example, if you want to search for individuals with the last name “Trabucco” in the town of Civitaquana, just put Trabucco under Last Name and Civitaquana under Comune.

NOTE: If you put in more than one search term, it will only pull up records that meet ALL of those terms, not records that just meet one or two terms.

Only records for these years are available:
Nocciano births 1833-1896
Civitaquana births 1820-1832, 1845-1846
Rosciano births 1850-1860
Alanno births 1850-1860
Cugnoli births 1840-1860
Pianella births 1854-1865
Catignano births 1840-1860

Let me know what you think!

– Anthony


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