SAVINI in Nocciano

Since I started amassing a database of people from Nocciano in the 1700s and 1800s, the name SAVINI has appeared so often that you would think the family has been around in the town for centuries, if not longer. With the help of the church records, I’ve been able to bring the SAVINI family all the way back to one individual who moved to Nocciano from Vicoli sometime during the 1700s – Michele Savini. Here’s how. While I don’t have any direct SAVINI ancestors, many in the family have married cousins and aunts and uncles 100-200 years ago, so their descendants end up related to me one way or another.

Michele Savini (abt. 1710-1787) & Rosalia (abt. 1713-1788)
(unconfirmed) Valeriano Savini (abt. 1740-1786), m: Anna Rosa Angelucci in 1769 (child: Giustino Antonio Francesco Paolo Savini), m: Cecilia Marcucci in 1771 (children: Angela, Francesco, Lucia, Domenica, Angela Maria Savini
– Silvestro Savini (abt. 1745-1817), m: Lucia di Felice (children: Giuseppe, Giovanni Evangelista, Francesco Saverio, Angela Nicola, Domenicantonio, Donato Antonio, Palma Antonia Savini)
– Lodovico Savini (abt. 1750), m: Palma di Meco in 1775 (children: Maria Rosa, Nicola Antonio, Nicola, Sabatino Savini), m: Anna Luisa di Profio in 1786 (children: Superna Clara, Domenico Antonio, Orazia Antonia, Maria Grazia Savini)
– Pasquantonio Savini (abt. 1753-1831), m: Domenica Marcucci in 1778 (children: Angelarosa, Annantonia, Maria Rosa, Domenico, Giustino, Nicola Savini)
– Domenica Savini, (abt. 1756-1806) m: Vincenzo di Felice in 1776 (children: Angela Maria, Gemma, Maria Arcangela, Giuseppe Antonio, Lucia, Gaetano di Felice)
– Anna Eleuteria Savini (abt. 1760-1830), m: Gervasio della Piana in 1785 (children: Sabatino, Giovanni Antonio, Annantonia, Giuseppe Camillo, Maria Vincenza, Giovanni Angelo della Piana)
– Anna Cleria Savini, (abt. 1761-1801) m: Domenico della Rosa in 1786 (children: Clemente, Maria Giuseppa della Rosa)

Michele, Rosalia and the children must have moved to Nocciano sometime between 1761 and 1769, since none of the children were born in Nocciano. The first record of them in Nocciano is the first marriage of Valeriano Savini (Image 1):

17 Septembris 1769 in Nocciano
Valerianus Savino Terrae Vicoli, et Anna Rosa Angelucci huius Terrae Nocciani

They had one child and Anna Rosa died a year later in 1770. Valeriano then married Cecilia Marcucci in 1771. They had 5 children, and though none of those baptism records say Valeriano was the son of Michele Savini, it is pretty reasonable to assume so.

Silvestro Savini and his wife Lucia (or Maria) di Felice had 7 children in Nocciano. Since their marriage doesn’t appear in the Nocciano records, they must have gotten married in Alanno or another nearby town. The baptism of Giuseppe Savini connects Silvestro to Michele Savini (Image 2):

Nocciano Battezzati, Chiesa di S. Lorenzo Martire, p.98
Name: Joseph Savino
Baptism: 22 Februarii 1782
Birth: 22 Februarii 1782
Parents: ex Silvestro filio Michaelis Savino Terrae Vicoli, et Maria Rosa filia Josephi de Felice huius, conjugibus
Godmother: Santes uxor Dominici Scipione huius Terrae
Priest: Sabathinus de Achille

This Giuseppe Savini married Massimina d’Agresta and had several children in Nocciano. Also, Domenicantonio Savini (1787-1831) married Camilla Palumbo, and Palma Antonia Savini (1795) married Romualdo Salci.

The third son of Michele Savini, Lodovico, was first married to Alessandra Palma di Meco on 24 May 1775 in Nocciano. They had 4 children (I think…I’ve found a death record for a child that I thought was already deceased), including Maria Rosa Savini (1776-1846) who married Pangrazio di Virgilio. Palma di Meco died in 1784 (and no records say who her parents are, so we can’t connect her to the Giosue di Meco family just yet). Lodovico then married Anna Luisa di Profio (Image 3):

Nocciano Matrimonii, Chiesa di S. Lorenzo Martire, p.48
Date: 17 Decembris 1786
Sposi: Ludovicus filius Michaelis Savini Terrae Vicoli, et Anna Luisa filia Antonii de Profio Terrae C.Quanae

The fourth child, Pasquantonio Savini, married Domenica Marcucci in 1778 (Image 4 – this record erroneously says Pasquantonio is from Pianella, instead of Vicoli). Domenica’s parents are Sabatino Marcucci and Agnese Olivieri (of Rosciano), my 6th-great-grandparents, so all the descendants of Pasquantonio and Domenica are cousins of mine. They had 6 children, 3 of whom survived infancy and had big families:

– Angelarosa Savini (1776-1823), married clemente Almonte
– Annantonia Savini (1777-1798)
– Maria Rosa Savini (1779-) (may have gotten married but haven’t found that yet)
– Domenico Savini (1782-1864), married (1) Angela di Marco and (2) Rosalia Caroso of Civitaquana (also a cousin of mine)
– Giustino Savini (1785-1850), married Chiara d’Intino of Rosciano (baptism record is Image 5)
– Nicola Savini (1788-1788)

The fifth child, Domenica Savini, married Vincenzo di Felice in 1776 (Image 6) and they had 5 children in Nocciano. Both died before the civil records began, so there are few records of them outside the church records. I was able confirm the death records by looking at the processetti for the marriage of Gaetano di Felice in 1811.

The sixth child (I think), Anna Eleuteria Savini, married Gervasio della Piana in 1785 and had 6 children.

Anna Cleria Savini also died in 1801, before the civil records, but having gotten married last it looks like she is the youngest child. Since she wasn’t born in Nocciano (no baptism for her in the Nocciano book), she must have been born in Vicoli, which means the family must have come here sometime after about 1761. It also means that we should be able to find the census record for Michele Savini, Rosalia, Valeriano, Silvestro, and perhaps Lodovico in the town of Vicoli when we look at the Catasto Onciario on the FamilySearch website as soon as that becomes available. Anna Cleria/Chiara married Domenico della Rosa in 1786 and had two children.

Now there is at least one other Savini family (well – derived from Savini, but not bearing the last name) in Nocciano that I can’t quite connect back to Michele, and this would need to be confirmed through the census records as well. There’s a marriage in 1776 for Liborio Marchionne and Berardina Savini, with no parental information. And no baptism records say if she is from Vicoli or if she is the daughter of Michele. My guess is she’s one of the eldest children. Some other Savini families: Natale Savini-Anna Domenica Riccitelli, who had children and died in Rosciano, but I haven’t yet found if they were originally from Vicoli, and the Taddeo Savini of Civitaquana (all Savini’s in Civitaquana go back to him, and he’s originally from Vicoli – he’s Michele Savini’s generation, for all I know, they’re brothers!). There’s also some Savini’s in Pianella but I haven’t explored them yet.

So all the Savini’s pretty much go back to the town of Vicoli. If you’re a Savini – I’d start taking a look at the Vicoli records to see if you can connect to any of them!

– Anthony


3 thoughts on “SAVINI in Nocciano”

  1. Anthony – YEAH! Savini!!! I gasped! I am totally freaking out!! I can tie up so many loose ends.
    Much Gratitude!!
    Patti Ball (g. dau. of Antoniette Savini)

  2. Anthony, My uncle studied my grandmother’s ancestry while he accomplished his Mormon mission in Italy years ago. He found, in the Parochial Archives of Nocciano (Status Animarium – Italian Genealogist) that Valeriano Savini’s father was GIovanni Giacomo Savini, (18 march 1702 in Nocciano – ? ) who married Angela Maria Della Colle on 25 April 1728 in Catignano (that is apparently where Angela was from). Her father was Marco Della Colle. My uncle’s research did not turn up a Michele at all. Perhaps he is part of another branch.
    My Valeriano (27 May 1733 Nocciano – 27 Nov 1786 Nocciano) was married to both Anna Rosa Angelucci and to Cecilia Marcucci (14 Sep 1771), however, until your records became available, I had no record of children born to Anna Rosa, and only Angela Teresa, Francesco Paolo, Lucia and Angela Maria from Cecilia. They were all born in Nocciano.
    Valeriano’s siblings were twins Pietro Casimiro and Giovanni Maria (16 Sep 1729 Nocciano), Valdemaro (17 Jan 1731 Nocciano), Massenza Luciana (20 Jul 1732 Nocciano), Giuliano (10 Dec 1736 Nocciano), Venanzio (9 Mar 1739 Nocciano), and Maria Teresa (4 Jan 1742 Nocciano).
    My records from my uncle’s research go back several more generations. If someone would like to have that information, I can either post it here, or email it privately to them, if they will contact me at I’m happy to share the wealth!
    Thank you SO MUCH for the work you do!!!

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