CETRANO in Nocciano

If you’ve been researching the CETRANO family, you may have seen the name in Civitaquama, Nocciano, and Catignano. It is most common in Civitaquana, where I believe the name originated, but in my direct ancestry, I’m connected to Cetrano’s in Nocciano.

Tree for my two great-grandmothers who were sisters, Chiara and Rosaria di Meco.
Tree for my two great-grandmothers who were sisters, Chiara and Rosaria di Meco.

Not only am I related to the CETRANO family through my two great-grandmothers – Chiara (wife of Pasquale Speziale), and Rosaria (wife of Vincenzo Scardetta) – but I am also connected through Giulia d’Amico, another great-grandmother.

Tree for my great-grandmother Giulia d'Amico, wife of Palmantonio di Virgilio.
Tree for my great-grandmother Giulia d’Amico, wife of Palmantonio di Virgilio.

You can see that all CETRNAO lines in Nocciano take us back to one couple: Mattia Cetrano and Maria Giuseppa d’Intinosante. It wasn’t until I looked at the church records of Nocciano that I found out there was a whole other CETRANO family in Nocciano, Nicola Cetrano and Anna Saveria d’Intinosante. Normally there is at least some record in the civil records that points to an existing family – some death record, some unfamiliar name, etc. In this case, not a single member of this family survived past 1809, so there was no trace of the family in the Italian civil records.

To start, there are the marriage records for these two couples (Image 3).

m: 24 May 1775 in Nocciano
Nicolaus Cetrano Terrae Catineani cum Anna Xaveria de Intino Santhe hujus Terrae Nocciani
Matthia Cetrano Terrae Catineani cum Maria Josepha de Intino Santhe hujus Terrae Nocciani

From these records we find that Mattia and Nicola Cetrano are from Catignano. While it is usually likely that couples that got married on the same day are siblings (Mattia & Nicola, Maria Giuseppa & Anna Saveria), it doesn’t necessarily prove it.

Well, we do have the death record for Mattia Cetrano (Image 4), which says:

Nocciano #21 Filed 15 Settembre 1826
Name: Mattia Cetrano, 74, contadino, figlio del fu Salvadore, contadino, e della fu Prudenzia

Then we have a baptism record (Image 5) for one of Nicola Cetrano’s children where the name “Salvatore” mysteriously appears right after Nicola (while no other baptism record says this):

Nocciano Battezzati, Chiesa di S. Lorenzo
Name: Maximus Antonius Salvatore Cedrano
Baptism: 5 Maii 1776
Birth: 5 Maii 1776
Parents: natum ex Nicolao Salvatore Cedrano, et Anna Xaveria coniugibus dictae Terrae

From having the marriages on the same day, both being from Catignano, and having the name Salvatore appearing in record, it’s pretty safe to connect Nicola and Mattia Cetrano as brothers. Nicola died in 1787, and all of his children died young, so there were no surviving members of his family.

Meanwhile, the Mattia Cetrano family looks like this:

1) Francesco Cetrano (abt. 1775-1818), m: Maria Giuseppa Galasso
– since he was not born in Nocciano, must have been born in Catignano
2) Domenica Concetta Cetrano (1777-1823), m: Giovanni Valente
3) Antonia Cetrano (1780-1848), m: Stefano di Rupo
4) Giovanni Antonio Cetrano (1782-1782)
5) Anna Rosa Cetrano (1783-1787)
4) Prudenza Cetrano (1786-1863), m: Carmine d’Amico
5) Vincenzo Cetrano (1788-1832), m: Concetta d’Angelo
6) Nicola Cetrano (1791-1794)
7) Bernardo Cetrano (1791-
8) Maria Gaetana Cetrano (1795-
9) Massimina Cetrano (1798-

So these records connect the CETRANO’s in Nocciano to the CETRANO’s in Catignano. Nicola and Mattia were born in Catignano as the marriage records say. The next question is: are the CETRANO’s in Catignano originally from the much larger family of CETRANO’s in Civitaquana. It’s very possible that Salvatore Cetrano, who we have very little information about (not even a death record), was originally from Civitaquana, married Prudenza (whose last name we don’t know), who was from Catignano, had children in Catignano, and then the whole family moved to Nocciano where their two sons Mattia and Nicola had families. That’s my guess! The answer remains to be seen.

– Anthony


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