DI MECO in Nocciano

I may not have census records for Nocciano like I do for Civitaquana, but Nocciano is smaller, so it is a bit easier to trace people back to the original families of a particular surname. Today – DI MECO. Two of my great-great-grandmothers were di Meco’s. In fact, they were sisters! So my grandparents were actually second cousins.

Rosaria di Meco (1848-), 2nd wife of Vincenzo Scardetta (from Elice)
Chiara di Meco (1851-), wife of Pasquale Speziale (from Pianella)

Pedigree Chart for Rosaria di Meco

As you can see, I’ve traced my DI MECO family back to Rosario di Meco (abt. 1742-1817) and Domenica di Cesare (abt. 1747-1799). Now, Rosario’s death record (Image 2) says:

Nocciano #56 Filed 3 Luglio 1817
Name: Rosario di Meco, 65, contadino, figlio delli furono Giuseppe, ed Agata
Death: 3 Luglio 1817

I’ve also got the marriage record for Rosario (Image 3), which also had the marriage on the same day of another di Meco-di Cesare couple. One can only guess that it’s Rosario’s brother and Domenica’s sister:

m: 7 Dec 1771 in Nocciano
Gustinus de Meco, et Anna Zopita Christina de Cesare
Rosarius de Meco, et Anna Margarita Vincentia de Cesare

As I’ve searched through baptism records (of which I only have 1748 and later), I’ve seen no parents named Giuseppe and Agata. I’ve only found one DI MECO family throughout the church and civil records, and the parents are named Giosuè and Diadama (these do sound ODDLY similar to Giuseppe and Agata…). Now this family I can tell you more about. Several children can be traced back to them through baptism records:

Giosuè di Meco & Diadama:

Chiara di Meco – b: 12 Aug 1749 (Image 4)
Diomede di Meco – b: 27 Dec 1752 (Image 5)
Giovanni Battista di Meco – b: 17 Feb 1754 (Image 6) – and this record gives us Giosuè’s father’s name of Biagio (Blasius in Latin)
Giovanna di Meco – b: 12 Sep 1757 (Image 7), married Francesco Almonte

I don’t know if Chiara, Diomede, and Giovanni Battista died as children or married outside of Nocciano, since the book of deaths starts at 1760. I do know of at least one older child born before my book of baptisms:

Biagio di Meco – b: abt. 1741, d: 16 Dec 1796 (Image 8), married Veneranda d’Alò

Also, based on that marriage record with Giustino di Meco and Rosario di Meco, there should probably be another son Giustino born before 1748 as well.

Right now, everything points to my 5th-great-grandfather Rosario di Meco being another older son of Giosuè di Meco: (1) his birth year falls right between Biagio (1741) and the earliest baptism record I have, which is for Chiara di Meco (1749); (2) the parents listed on his death record match up a little too closely to the names Giosue (Giuseppe) and Diadama (Agata), and (3) there is no other person whose record has the names Giuseppe and Agata. While this unfortunately isn’t enough proof to confirm this, it is pretty damning! And it would mean that all DI MECOs in Nocciano go back to the one couple Giosuè and Diadama – I love when I’m able to do that.

Several months ago, I noticed on the FamilySearch website that they are in the process of publishing the CATASTI ONCIARIO for the Kingdom of Naples – a civil census done for all comuni that were part of the Kingdom of Naples around the year 1750. When this comes out, this will be SUPER HELPFUL for the towns of Pescara (all of which I believe were part of the Regno di Napoli). For this family in particular, we’ll be able to see any of the children born before 1750 (and still alive), living with their parents. If Rosario is part of that family, that’ll be all the proof I need to make this connection.

Here’s the link to the FamilySearch wikipage on the Catasti (trust me, I check every day to see if it’s been published!):

Stay tuned for more posts on the families of Nocciano and Civitaquana!

– Anthony

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