VALENTE in Nocciano

Next stop on our journey through the families of Nocciano – the surname VALENTE. All individuals with the last name Valente in Nocciano can be traced back to one family, not originally from Nocciano:

Domenico Valente (1712-1802) & Silvia Giuliani (1737-1797)
– Caterina Anna Maria Valente (1752-1822) m. Giuseppe di Giancristofaro
– Antonia Valente (1764-1832) m. Bartolomeo di Cesare
– Francesco Valente (1766-1847), m. Maria Antonia Almonte
– Anna Maria Agrippina Valente (1767-1840) m. Lorenzo della Rosa
– Giovanni Valente (1769-1816) – my 5th-great-grandfather, m. Domenica Cetrano

I’m still working on the story of this family. I don’t believe any of them were born in Nocciano, as there are no baptismal records for any of them in the Nocciano book. It doesn’t help that the names of the women are inconsistent across most of the records! One baptism appears in a marriage processetti that helps tell some of the story:


This is the baptism record attached to the marriage of Domenico Antonio de Laurentiis and Anna Maria Valente (although here her name is Domenica Maria Valente). This was her second marriage after her first husband, Lorenzo della Rosa, died in 1817.

Catignano Battezzati, Chiesa di S. Gio. Battista, p.44
Name: Domenica Maria Valente, ex Dominico Valente Terrae Civitellae, et Silla Juliani conjugibus
Baptism: 24 Aprilis 1764 Catineani
Birth: 24 Aprilis 1764 Catineani
Priest: D. Paschalis Marsilio

This tell us that Anna Maria/Domenica Maria Valente was born in Catignano and that her father Domenico (my 6th-great-grandfather) was from Civitella Casanova. Now here is a record I found in the Catignano civil acts that makes this even more interesting:

Annafelice Valente death

Catignano #6 Filed 18 Febbraro 1818
Name: Annafelice Valente, 65, contadina, moglie di Giovanni di Lorenzo, figlio delli fu Pasquale Valente, e Francesca Giuliani
Death: 18 Febbraro 1818
Witness: Giovanni di Lorenzo, 62, contadino, marito della defunta
Witness: Giovanni Antonio Giuliani, 46, speziale, domiciliato in Torre Vecchia
Sindaco: Tommaso di Cesare

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is a couple Pasquale Valente and Francesca Giuliani from Catignano who would have been born around 1720-1730 (since Annafelice was born abt. 1753).

Here’s the marriage of Giuseppe di Giancristofaro and Anna Antonia Valente on 28 Sep 1776 in Nocciano:


This marriage record says that Anna Antonia “oriunda a Catineano”, confirming that she was born and grew up in Catignano. Other records have her name listed as Caterina.

Here’s the marriage of Lorenzo della Rosa and Maria Agrippina/Domenica Maria/Anna Maria Valente on 25 Aug 1787 in Nocciano:


So my hypothesis is that Domenico and Pasquale Valente, both of Civitella, married Silvia and Francesca Giuliani, both of Catignano around 1750. They all had children in Catignano, and then Domenico and Silvia moved to Nocciano when their children married some Noccianesi.  All the Valente’s in Nocciano go back to Domenico and Silvia Giuliani, and the presence of Valente’s and Giuliani’s (but not a lot) in Catignano point to origins in one family. We can put this question on hold until we get a further look at the Catignano church and civil records and then start looking at Civitella Casanova.

– Anthony


2 thoughts on “VALENTE in Nocciano”

  1. Fascinating and educational as always! I can’t believe the resolution of the photos. Do you mind me asking what you’re using to photograph?

  2. Anthony, obviously I cannot yet connect my Valente with yours, but I have an Anna Valente (birth and death dates unknown as yet) who married Liberato Liberati of Bisenti in Teramo, and their children were born between 1610 and 1627, all in Catignano.

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