DI RUPO in Nocciano

I thought I’d pick a Nocciano family I have in my ancestry and show some interesting connections made by the church records I uncovered on my trip to Italy back in November. Going back to two of my 5th-great-grandfathers on my mom’s side, I arrive at two different di Rupo families in Nocciano:

Sabatino di Rupo (1749-1830)  & Alessandra Santa Marcucci
Felice di Rupo (1752-1816) & Annantonia Bovo

I found the baptism records for these two:


(Pardon my fingers!) This record reads:

Anno Domino 1749 die decima sexta mensis 9bris ego D. Blasius Marcucci Abbas baptizavi infantem die 15a eiusdem natum ex Josepho de Rupo, et Florentia Marchionne eius uxore huius Terrae Nocciani, cui impositum est nomen Sabbatinus. Patrinus fuit Domenicus Hippoliti dictae Terrae.

Name: Sabbatino di Rupo
Baptized: 16 Novembre 1749
Born: 15 Novembre 1749
Father: Giuseppe di Rupo
Mother: Fiorenza Marchionne, his wife
Godfather: Domenico Ippolito
Priest: Don Biagio Marcucci

This is consistent with his death record from 1830 which says his parents were Giuseppe di Rupo and Lucrezia Marchionne.


Similarly, the baptism record for Felice di Rupo translates as:
Name: Felice di Rupo
Baptized: 14 Gennaio 1752
Born: 14 Gennaio 1752
Father: Giuseppe di Rupo
Mother: Laurentia, his wife
Godfather: Giuseppe de Berardinis
Priest: D. Biagio Marcucci

So there’s some variation on the first name of Giuseppe’s wife: Fiorenza/Laurenzia/Lucrezia. It’ll be hard to confirm until we find a marriage record or even baptism record.

The Nocciano records have also showed a Giovanni di Rupo married to Lucia Bovo, around the same age as Felice and Giuseppe – plus it would make sense that if both Felice and Giovanni have wives with the last name Bovo, they would be brothers and the wives would be sisters. There are no other children of Giuseppe and Fiorenza in the baptism book for 1748 and later, which is all I was able to find at the archives (though I know books exist somewhere going back to the early 1600s), so it’s hard to confirm the brother Giovanni di Rupo.

All di Rupo’s in Nocciano trace back to one of the three brothers: Felice, Sabatino, and Giovanni. Which points to the father Giuseppe di Rupo being from some other town, coming to Nocciano to marry Fiorenza Marchionne, where the Marchionne family is a big Nocciano family. Unfortunately that marriage likely occurred before 1748 so I haven’t found that either. I haven’t seen the name di Rupo in the records of any nearby town, so it’ll be interesting to find out where he came from. It’ll also be exciting to connect Fiorenza Marchionne to the rest of the Marchionne’s, which will be a huge step in piecing together the families of Nocciano, especially for my own tree.

As for the Bovo families, the marriages of Felice di Rupo and Annantonia Bovo, as well as Giovanni di Rupo and Lucia Bovo (which may have even happened on the same day!) did not occur in Nocciano. The name Bovo appears in Pianella and the marriages would have happened around 1775, so someday when I go back and try to see the Pianella records I will be looking for that. The only piece of information I have is from the death record for Annantonia Bovo in 1817 which says her father’s name was Francesco. I’m fairly certain she was NOT born in Nocciano.

If you have the name “di Rupo” in your family, let me know! If the family is from Nocciano, I think i’ve made a pretty solid case that we’re definitely related. As always, feel free to e-mail me at anthony.sacco13@gmail.com for any Nocciano/Civitaquana genealogical requests and I’ll try and help!

– Anthony


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