La famiglia Napoleone…a taste of the church records

Since I don’t have any new record transcriptions to share just yet (currently working on 1847 civil records for Civitaquana, 1896 civil records for Nocciano, and indexing 1844 civil records for Catignano), I thought I would give a little sample of the church records I was able to get hold of on my trip to Pescara back in November.

The best records by far were a church census done in Civitaquana (1797 Stato delle Anime). Not only did these records give the names of every individual living in a households, it listed all deceased children and even spouses, and their fathers’ names (or even grandfather’s), AND the birth and death dates of all individuals!! Though 1797 was the earliest church census available, this is quite the gold mine.  Here’s a page from that…


In the house of Gregorio Napolione:

c.c. Gregorio di Francesco Napolione – b: 12 Marzo 1733
c.c. Domenica di Francesco d’Angelo moglie di detto (Gregorio) – b: 5 Agosto 1731
c.c. Domenico figlio di detto Gregorio – b: 2 Dicembre 1765
c.c. Giuseppe Lodovico Antonio figlio di detto Gregorio – b: 11 Ottobre 1769
c.c. Egidio figlio di detto Gregorio – b: 16 Settembre 1773
Maria Antonia di Giuseppe di Francesco moglie di detto Domenico – b: 6 Marzo 1769
Fiorita figlia di detti Domenico e Maria Antonia – b: 26 Decembre 1767, d: 4 Settembre 1788
Anna Egidia figlia di detti – b: 2 Giugno 1789, d: 20 Giugno 1789
Egidio figlio di detti – b: 30 Maggio 1790
Francesco figlio di detti – b: 31 Gennaio 1793
Massimo Antonio figlio di detti – b: 1 Febbraio 1796
Celeste figlia di detto Domenico – b: 15 Aprile 1799 (in the margin)

Colomba moglie di detto Giuseppe
Zopito figlio di detti (Giuseppe e Colomba) – b: 28 Novembre 1794, d: 14 Gennaio 1795

Domenica moglie di detto Egidio
Nunzia figlia di detti – b: 25 Marzo 1795, d: 29 Novembre 1795
Paolo Antonio figlio di detti – b: 20 Ottobre 1796
Pasqua figlia di detti – b: 3 Gennaio 1800

You can see that the priest even went back and added children born after 1797 (they’re the ones scrunched in between the lines). And I’m not a magician at reading this info, I have other records (baptisms and two later church censuses) to confirm all of it. Now here is how we know that this whole Napoleone family goes back to Nocciano:


Unfortunately the edge of this marriage book (which has marriages from 1692-1774 in Civitaquana) is damaged from water or something, but sometimes we’re able to use context or just squinting to figure out what’s missing. The first marriage here is:

A di 22 Ottobre 1721 Napolione della Tra di Nocciano, e Florita filia di Antonio di Gregorio….

The other downside of this particular marriage book is that the parents of the bride and the groom aren’t listed. For this record, we’re lucky that the hometown of Francesco Napoleone is given, and the father of Fiorita di Gregorio.

This makes perfect sense too. With Napoleone being a common name in both Nocciano and Civitaquana, it was likely that they were all related – and these records prove it! We don’t yet know what Napoleone family Francesco comes from in Nocciano, but there are baptism records for Nocciano going way way back that I have yet to get hold of, and I’m sure that’ll be answered in there.

Until next time! I may start posting little blurbs like this and samples of records as I find random interesting connections along thew ay of transcribing and such. Hope this was helpful to any Napoleone descendants out there!

– Anthony


3 thoughts on “La famiglia Napoleone…a taste of the church records”

  1. Anthony, I have Lucia Rosaria Napoleone, born 1806, my great-great grandmother, married to Giuseppe Savini, grandfather of my grandmother. Lucia’s father was Giovanni (1771-?) who married Anna Tomei, and his father was Domenico. I also have Albina Napoleone (1838-1911) who married Achille de Angelis, father of the man for whom I was named – Pasquale de Angelis – ‘zi Patsy, the patriarch of our family in American for many years. Albina is the mother of my grandaunt. Albina’s father is Croce Napoleone, who married Pulcheria Trabucco. I’ll be thrilled if and when you find more information on the family so I can connect my line to yours, cousin! Thank you for all the work you do!
    Patricia Della Piana

  2. Hi Anthony,

    My last name is also Napoleone. My family is from Pescara. My grandfather named Tomasso Napoleone was born in Italy March 1910. I’m building a family tree, how can I get more information on his parents???

    1. Do you have any more information about him? What town was he born in, did he come to the US, where did he live in the US…? The only two Pescara towns I’ve seen the name Napoleone in are Civitaquana and Nocciano, but I think it also appears outside Pescara. Any other info might help track him down… Feel free to email me at

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