Trip to Italy: Penne (Part 3)

I’m just getting around to posting the rest of the pictures from my trip….

About halfway through my two-week trip, we went about 45 minutes from Pescara to Penne where the Diocesan Archives was located. We spent one day just walking around Penne, a medieval fortress-type town with a beautiful view. The town now goes beyond the walls of the original fortress, and but you can still drive within the walls. The roads are narrow one-way streets, slowly winding upwards to the top where the Duomo (almost a cathedral) is. The Duomo is now the church archives, museum and a rehabilitation center. On this first visit, we walked all the way to the top, but the two other days we went, we drove through the streets. The architecture and sights are beautiful.

The two times we went back I was able to view plenty of records from Nocciano and especially Civitaquana. Baptisms, deaths, marriages, and even a few church censuses. These are all huge additions to my collection for research, and I can’t wait to get to these eventually as I try to piece the families of these towns together. I’ve already dug through the records for my own ancestors and was able to go back 1-2 more generations, and connect with plenty of other Civitaquana and Nocciano lines.

One thought on “Trip to Italy: Penne (Part 3)”

  1. Beautiful photos. I cannot wait to see these places for myself! As always Anthony thank you for your passion for this research and your generosity with your knowledge.

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