Some records from Cugnoli

You may have noticed that, aside from the full transcriptions of the towns of Nocciano and Civitaquana, where my mother’s ancestors were focused hundreds of years ago,  I’ve begun to index the records for surrounding towns. I have already posted Catignano (1850-1860) and Pianella (1854-1865), and now have the year 1860 for Cugnoli available online. Just go to Atti di Stato Civile above to see indexed records available.

1860:       Nati       Matrimonii       Morti

Cugnoli borders both Nocciano and Civitaquana (more so Civitaquana). It has a population of about 1,700. Some of the most popular surnames from Cugnoli are: Silvestri, di Domizio, Chiulli, and Manzoli.

One cognome (“surname”) of particular interest to me is Chiulli. I’ve seen this name most in Civitaquana, where there seem to be a few families living at least since the mid-1700s. Since it’s such a common name in Cugnoli, my initial guess is that they all originated in Cugnoli, and one moved to Civitaquana and started a family there. It is these connections that I hope to make as I continue transcribing and indexing all these records. Chiulli also appears, though much less frequently, in Nocciano in the late 1800s, the earliest being Berardino Chiulli, a frequent witness (“testimone”) on birth and death records in Nocciano.

Cugnoli map



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