My Nocciano roots: Giulia d’Amico (1870-1934)

Today I thought I would take a look at my g-g-grandmother Giulia d’Amico’s tree. She’s the maternal grandmother of my grandmother Vincenza (Scardetta) Speziale and wife of Palmantonio di Virgilio.

Pedigree Chart for Giulia d'AmicoMost of Giulia’s ancestors have common Nocciano names, in the town at least since the early 1700s: Marchionne, di Rupo, Marcucci, Valente, d’Intinosante.

In my last post, I took a look at which families my g-g-grandmother’s Chiara and Rosaria di Meco had come from, two of which were d’Amico and Cetrano. In this tree, you can see that lines again trace back to Rocco d’Amico and Maria Cancelli, from Loreto Aprutino, and Salvadore Cetrano and Prudenza (and I suspect that Salvadore Cetrano is from Catignano or Civitaquana). It’s really cool to find multiple paths to the same couple – no surprise that cousins were marrying cousins back then! Stefano d’Amico’s wife Angela de Camillis (or di Camillo) is also from Loreto – so I have both the d’Amico and de Camillis lines to research in Loreto.

Here you can see Santa Marcucci, wife of Sabatino di Rupo. With the available civil records and processetti, it’s slightly more difficult to trace back mother’s of spouses than fathers. When the father had died before the marriage of a child, not only was his death record included, but his father’s. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for deceased mothers.  I found Santa Marcucci’s death record, as she had died before one of her children got married, but the processetti for that marriage did not include a death record for her father. Also, because Santa’s death record only listed her father, I don’t know for sure that this Sabatino Marcucci is the same as other Sabatino Marcucci’s I might find mentioned in the death records. I also had two other Marcucci’s elsewhere in my tree that I hope to eventually connect with the help of the church records.

There is also Nicola Buccetti, b. 1765. His death record said he was born in “Montebello,” which I have tentatively assumed means the very small comune Montebello di Bertona in Pescara. A little bit more investigation will confirm. The name “Buccetti” in the Nocciano records has varied a little bit from Buccetta to Buccella to Buccetti. I’ve adopted Buccetti as the right version, but there are many Buccella’s in Alanno, which is possibly a variant and thus related to Nicola. Another question to investigate.

Matarazzo is also a surname originally from Collecorvino in Pescara.  Here I have Angela Maria Matarazzo, daughter of Simone Matarazzo. I also know that Domenicangela Matarazzo, wife of Domenico Pagliaricci, died in Pianella and is another daughter of Simone. There are a few other Matarazzo’s floating around that are likely Simone’s siblings, including Alessandro Matarazzo, Orazio Matarazzo, and Laura Matarazzo. The female will be harder to connect, but again with the church records this is possible.

– Anthony


One thought on “My Nocciano roots: Giulia d’Amico (1870-1934)”

  1. It’s been great following you Anthony, like you I’m joining up the dots, the names D’Aloisio and Perinetti show up in a lot of the records and I’ve been using the data to construct my g-grandmothers line back as well as the Scardetta line. I’ll email you what I have for the Pasquale – Sabatino Scardetta line, I’ve been able to get most of his children and grand children’s details through my mothers cousin in Canada and not surprising, his first son was Pasquale and one of the younger sons Donato after one of his brothers. Look forward to your next post

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