A little Pescara geography

I’m no expert in the geography of Italy, but over the past several years I’ve become quite acquainted with many of the villages in my ancestors’ area in Italy.  The fascinating part is that I’ve found many of the towns to be interconnected because someone marries someone else in another town, and often the parents of the groom will move to the town with their son.

The  focus of my efforts, as you probably know, have been on the town of Nocciano. Nocciano is a comune in the province of Pescara (pictured below), which is in the region of Abruzzo. The other provinces of Abruzzo are Teramo, Chieti, and L’Aquila. Three of my great-grandparents (Angelo Speziale b. 1885, Antonio Scardetta b. 1891, and Carmela di Virgilio b. 1896) were born in Nocciano. As I’ve taken the family back several generations, I’ve found that this was enough to make me related to almost all the families living in Nocciano – as well as some families living in other nearby comuni. Province of PescaraEach one of my ancestors has an interesting story that I can figure out just from the civil records – whom they married, where they were born, if they stayed in the same town, if their parents moved with them.. I thought I would share several of these histories, starting with my great-grandfather Antonio Scardetta.

“Scardetta” is actually a fairly uncommon name in Nocciano, and the story begins with my 4th-great grandparents Francesco Amicone and Angela Nicola di Paolo. They were born around 1770 in Collecorvino,  a larger comune a little bit north of Nocciano.  Their daughter and my 3rd-great grandmother, Candida Rosa Amicone, born around 1815 in Collecorvino, moved to Elice, a town that borders Collecorvino on the northwest, to marry Giambattista Scardetta. Elice is where the Scardetta family was originally from.

Meanwhile, Francesco Amicone and his wife (with Candida Rosa gone), their son Giuseppe, and his wife and children all moved to Nocciano in the early 1850s. Francesco died in 1853 and his wife Angela Nicola died in 1854, both in Nocciano.

Giambattista Scardetta and Candida Rosa had (as far as I know, but I haven’t begun my research in Elice yet), two sons, my 2nd-great grandfather Vincenzo Scardetta and his brother Pasquale.  Vincenzo and Pasquale both married in Elice, and eventually moved with their parents to Nocciano around 1874-1875, long after his grandparents Francesco Amicone and Angela Nicola di Paolo had died.  The reason I mentioned the Amicones is because I imagine the only reason Giambattista, Candida Rosa, Vincenzo and wife, and Pasquale and wife moved to Nocciano was to reunite with Candida Rosa’s brother, Giuseppe Amicone and his family. Vincenzo and Pasquale had already been married in Elice, so they obviously didn’t move to Nocciano to get married.

To connect to my great-grandfather Antonio Scardetta: Vincenzo’s first wife Anna passed away in 1878 in Nocciano, and married Rosaria di Meco, a native of Nocciano, in 1881. They had 5 children, including my g-grandfather Antonio who was born in 1891.

That story alone takes place over 40-50 years and several comunes. The Amicones were from Collecorvino, the Scardettas from Elice, and both met up again in Nocciano. Eventually I hope to move my attention to Elice’s records to learn more about the Scardetta family.

– Anthony


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